We customise our solution to your industry, data sets and business goals.


World class online automatic recommendation engine for webshops.


Simple, automated & affordable regardless if you are running a local or a global service.


Having Professors and Researches who could work on the most complex algorithms.

Self-Optimising Product Recommendation Engine
Increase conversion by 30%

Easy installation with SDK and supports Google Tag Manager (GTM), E-commerce plugins

Mobile Shopping

Many shoppers shop online and
mobile, our tracking and item
recommendation works for both

Analytics Dashboard

Know exactly how much
conversion uplift and sales that
our recommendation is helping
your e-commerce site


Easier & Faster

Some sites have millions of SKUs,
we can help your customers find
the right products automatically.

Increase cart size

Recommending relevant products
customers who initially did not
plan to buy = more purchase

Allowing customers to discover more

Fast, Accurate, Relevant

Fully automated recommendation

Customers are impulsive; Customers want personalised shopping advice ; With thousands of SKUs, they are spoilt with choice & pressed with time, users need a guide to make it easier to browse your online listings

Doing more for you

Your site success is our priority

Safe time with easy installation

Simple and fast to get it up. Supports Google Tag Manager (GTM) and popular ecommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce

We help you convert

Assigning a customer success manager to your site to perform continuous test to increase your conversions.

We give you control

Ability to control what gets recommended on your site to meet your advertiser's demand or product margin strategy.

No manual entry or upload

You do not need to manually upload any file of your listing or do any tagging. We have automatically processed sites with over 2 million SKUs instantly.

No latency

Lightweight and fast, ensuring no major impact on your page load speed

Robust and flexible

For different products and business models ranging from standard e-commerce, aggregators marketplace to daily-deals

Those who have benefited

Your site can be next


  • % of sales (CPA)
  • Ideal for small or ultra high traffic size e-commerce sites.

    Pay by performance. If we don't help you convert to sales, we don’t get paid

  • 3-6% of sale of product from recommendation
  • No limit on recommendation
  • No limit on widgets
  • Access to dashboard
  • Try NOW
    First 60 days always free
    No credit card required to sign up
  • Fix monthly fee
  • Ideal for mid size ecommerce sites on high growth but prefer fix cost for easier budgeting.

    Fix fee even if your traffic increase 10x.

  • US $ 200 per month
  • No limit on recommendation
  • No limit on widgets
  • Access to dashboard
  • Try NOW
    First 60 days always free
    No credit card required to sign up

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